About us

Guangdong Zhongyao Kiln Stock Co., Ltd was established in 1997,is the first ceramic machinery equipment and kiln manufacturing enterprise to land on the New three boardin Beijingin July 2014(hereinafter referred to as "Zhongyao kiln",Stock code: 830949), is a collection of scientific research, production, sales and industrial digital intelligent cloud technology services as one of the high-tech enterprises.

Zhongyao company makes full use of Guangdong environmental protection and energy-saving ceramic kiln equipment engineering technology research and development center, Foshan municipal enterprise technology center and other innovative platforms, actively play the national high-tech enterprises, Foshan subdivision industry leading enterprises, Foshan energy-saving and environmental protection enterprises, Foshan "specialized special new" enterprises, has obtained nearly 100 national invention patents, utility model patent authorization.

Zhongyao kilndeep ploughing for 23 years, focusing on providing ceramic roller kiln and special industrial kiln, sales network throughout the country, products exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa and South America and more than 30 countries and regions, has made more than 800 kiln production lines in the world. Long-term friendly cooperation with New Pearl, Mona Lisa, Xinzhongyuan, Shun Cheng Zhaobang, Dongpeng, Eagle Brand, Zhongsheng, Smick, Asia, Golden Phoenix, Jintao and other well-known brand enterprises at home and abroad.

Zhongyao kiln adhere to the belief of Chinese enterprises, adhering to the "respect heaven&lovefor people " business philosophy, shouldering the industry "to provide energy-saving and environmental protection kiln core technology, so that love of kiln fire burning all over the world" enterprise mission, unswervingly implement the "scientific and technological innovation, the pursuit of perfection" development strategy, green environmental protection, intelligent manufacturing into technological innovation, bearing in mind the "sky bluer, water cleaner, land greener" social responsibility, to promote China's ceramic industry technological progress made outstanding contributions.

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